Software Download

Please install FTDI Drivers before trying to activate your NismoTronicSA software.

Save file to your desktop or downloads folder.

Right Click and extract the folder to either your desktop or "My Documents" folder.

DO NOT PUT IT IN YOUR PROGRAMS FOLDER, this can cause unwanted results on some Windows 7 machines.

Download Software

Software Activation


  1. Plug in NEMU
  2. Run NismoTronicSA application with active internet connection!!
  3. When prompted to update select "OK" or "UPDATE"
  4. Demo version will download the most recent stable release versoin
  5. The application will then prompt you to restart, just hit "OK"
  6. Leave your NEMU plugged in while the release version is launched
  7. After a few seconds you will see a "SOFTWARE ACTIVATED" prompt, if you see this you are activated and ready to start tuning!

First Startup


  1. If the software prompts you to update your logging packet, simply select "OK".
  2. Open the base calibration which corresponds to the ECU type you are using and make the first initial upload with the KEY OFF by pressing upload basecode, CTRL-U or the green upload button on the main screen.
  3. KEY ON and make sure your logger is connected and your data items are updating in the data screen.
  4. Make sure your MAF or MAP sensor readings are normal and proceed with engine start.