My Logging status displays "Connected", but I am not getting any data on the gauges or data screen with the key in the ON position.

This is a fairly common issue and can be alleviated by removing the stock consult wires from the ECU harness at pin locations 7, 14 and 15. If removing these pins still does not fix your issue, please double check the solder joints on your 20x2 header and at the 3 wires that are soldered to the ECU pins that are coming from your NEMU. 


How can I download the current tune that is on my ECU?

  1. Simply open a startup calibration by going to File-> Open -> Tune Data -> Startup Calibrations. Select the ECU type you are using and then select any of the base calibration files in your ECU folder.
  2. Plug in your NEMU with the engine OFF
  3. When prompted, select IMPORT FROM NEMU, this will import your ECU calibration into the file you have open
  4. Go to File -> Save AS and name it whatever you would like


Will NismoTronicSA work on my SR16VE or SR20VE ECU?

Unfortunately, the hardware we use will not work directly with your SR16VE or SR20VE ECU .. BUT a USDM B13 ECU is a direct plug in replacement for your car and will give you all of the great features of the SA package!

NOTE: Minor rewiring will need to be done for the VVL solenoid control using the General Outputs in the NismoTronicSA software.


Will NismoTronicSA work on my KA24E engine?

Yes, NismoTronicSA will work on your KA24E (SOHC) engine BUT you will need to run a KA24DE (DOHC) ECU. The KA24DE ECU will plug directly into your KA24E engine harness and does not require any additional rewiring or modification to the engine or harness.


Will NismoTronicSA work on my B14/S14?

Yes, NismoTronicSA will work on the B14/S14 chassis with the use of a conversion harness. The Conversion harness will adapt the OBD2 engine harness to use an OBD1 ECU from a B13 or S13 chassis. There is no additional wiring that would be needed.